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With your spirit guide you will summon your animal guide so that you may forge a bond and become companions on your life journey
This simple but powerful meditation has been created to give your spirit guides the opportunity to draw close and make contact
Access long forgotten memories from your time in the spirit world. Are there parts of your personality, character or intellect that you'd like to enhance?
Rediscover the Wonder of Childhood and be taken on a Magical Journey. What will you find on the other side of the castle drawbridge?
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Link to the best selling Higherself Healing meditation
Seven angels will present you with your Angelic Armour so that you can provide healing to somebody you know in a dark place
Get taken to the Great Halls of Learning where, in the presence of enlightened souls, you will be allowed to ask your chosen question
Release your magical energy and set out on a Mystical Journey of discovery to the Realms inhabited by the Faerie Folk
Take a step back and look at your life from a higher perspective. Access the Healing Energy from your Higherself to help restore harmony and ease pain
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"The success of my meditations have well exceeded my expectations and I will be eternally grateful for the fact that they have helped me to make friends all over the world."

Robbie Wright
Cornish Healer