Angel Warrior Guided Meditation

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Angel Warrior Guided Meditation

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Are you a Healer, Medium or Light Worker?

Do you feel you've had a tough time over the last few years? Are your energy levels and vitality not what they were?


At the beginning of the Angel Warrior guided meditation you will be asked to think about someone who you feel is in a dark place at the moment. Following a prayer, seven angels will present you with your Angelic Armour. You will then be guided on a visualised journey taking you to the person you thought about earlier.
You will be asked to create a picture of them in your mind and to imagine that you can see a dark shell surrounding them. This shell has built up from years of negative energy and it is blocking any light and influence coming from the Angelic realms. You will be asked to smash this shell, and as it crumbles you will then move closer and give the person healing.
You will see them filled with a golden light, and as it extends out through their body, it will form a beautiful aura.

After receiving the instructions on how to write this meditation, I can remember thinking "It looks like we're taking on the forces of darkness". It was then that my Spirit told me "We are already at war; why do you think that so many Healers, Mediums and Lightworkers are going through such hard times at the moment? It is because they are under attack and the war has already started".

With background music by Neil H.

Total running time: 42:14

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Testimonials for Angel Warrior

Dear Robbie,
I just wanted to say a huge thank you to you and your guiding spirits for the wonderful Angel warrior CD. As someone who has been seeking divine guidance in a world that seems to want to destroy healing lights I think I have finally found my protection. Blessings and light from my heart to yours,

It is more than good it is excellent, this meditation is very powerful, and i would recommend this to anyone, who feels they want to get rid of ties from anyone who is not wanted in your life. keep the good work up Robbie
Claire Henderson

I love the idea of becoming an angel myself and doing something for my friends. angelic armour feels great and so do angelic wings!
Ulrike, Dusseldorf

Another amazing meditation.I had a big issue with a person and after doing the Angel Warrior med, the issue disappeared and a feeling of peace came over me.
L&L Jenny Angell

Hi Robbie, I bought your Angel Warrior CD yesterday on a lovely day out in Derbyshire. Having listened to it, I must say its one of the best CD's I have bought.
Jocelynne Sharp

As an angel healer/practitioner myself, I can advise you that the Angel warrior is a must for anybody that needs cleansing, releasing, and protection in a gentle way. Every lightworker, should be using this cd to cleanse and clear themselves on a regular basis, it is also very good for healing any disharmony. Archangel Michael, is definitely channeling this through Robbie!
Tracey Hougham

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