Angels That Bring Love Guided Meditation

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Angels That Bring Love Guided Meditation

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"Beautiful route to discovering Angel Messages" Gina Groom,
Aura Publications

In times of need, more and more people are turning to the angels for help. Many people are now coming forward to share their personal experiences of contact with these angelic beings.
Having contact with the angels is not just a privilege for a chosen few, you just need to know how to ask them for help, which is exactly what you will do in Angels That Bring Love.

This gentle meditation has been prepared to create a unique environment in which you will be able to invite these golden spirits to draw close.
It is here, in their heavenly presence, that you will be able to ask for help in different areas of your life.

Enjoy the benefits to be received from the Angels That Bring Love.

With music composed & performed by Neil H.

Total running time: 55:08

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Testimonials for Angels That Bring Love

I am from Germany and Robbie's meditations have been with me for quite a while now. Robbie's voice is very soothing and although English is not my native language, I am able to understand it without any dificulty. This is, next to the Angel Warrior, a very much loved cd. It gave me great comfort to listen to this meditation when i would tell the angels all my worries and concerns in a safe environment.
Ulrike, Dusseldorf

I first discoverd Robbie Wrights cds when i bought one over the internet because i thought it sounded interesting, It was just a shot in the dark, i stumbled across it..
Its hard to put down in words just how much these cd's have helped me, my father recenty died and i had been feeling lost and alone, after listening to the Angels that Bring Love CD i suddenly rememberd all the wonderful memories and times that my father and i had shared together, This CD is truly are brilliant and without it all those memories of my childhood would have stayed long forgotten, and i would have lived all my adult life out thinking my dad never cared about me, or ever gave me the time of day.....how could i have forgotten so many happy times.....
thankyou robbie.....
Lynn Noblett