Beginner's Guide to Spiritual Healing

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Beginner's Guide to Spiritual Healing

Price: £12.00


The Beginner’s Guide to Spiritual Healing is a double CD set that has been created to help anyone who has an interest in healing but has never had the opportunity to develop any latent gifts. The meditations will help you develop your healing abilities whilst practicing on consenting family members and friends.

I will be sharing with you my twenty years of experience, during which time I have co-opened an alternative health centre, created the world’s first Spiritual Healing CD-ROM, written and recorded over twenty different Guided Meditation titles and for a short time, until September 2003, was the Chairman of the Duchy Healers Association. My work has also featured on television, radio and in the press.

Disc 1
Introduction: 14.45
Story. Life’s Journey: 13.37
Absent Healing Meditation: 18.45
Introduction to Healing Meditation: 1.07
First Healing Meditation: 28.05

Disc 2
Introduction to second meditation: 1.31
Second Meditation part 1: 24.42
Second Meditation part 2: 10.16
Introduction to third meditation: 0.56
Third Meditation: 32.01

All to background music of Neil H