Crystal Guided Meditation

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Crystal Guided Meditation

Price: £6.99


The Crystal guided meditation will enable you to relax and escape from the pressures of everyday living. You will link with your higher self and allow your spirit to travel to an enchanted forest where you will find a magic crystal.
A path will then lead you to be cleansed in a mystical waterfall, and from there you will be taken to an ancient oak tree where you will be able to rest and find peace for your mind, body & spirit.

Music composed and performed by Neil H.

Total running time: 51:16

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Testimonials for Crystal

One of the most powerfull cds that Robbie has done, we embarked on a journey of healing, meeting our guides, as well as enhancing our spiritual awareness.
Robbies sincerity cannot be questioned as he guides you through this meditation in a protected environment, absolutely brilliant
Claire Henderson

This is a gentle meditation that takes one outside to a lovely place of enchantment and peace. Finding a crystal in the 'forest' and resting beside the waterfall etc. is quite delightful and the 'sounds of nature' really add to the experience. Robbie opens and closes our chakras etc. and more besides. There is plenty within this meditation, and yet it retains a 'crystal clear' simplicity too.