Enchanted Castle Guided Meditation

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Enchanted Castle Guided Meditation

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With the stresses and strains that modern living imposes upon us, we could all do with the occasional opportunity to take time out to rediscover the magic of childhood.
The Enchanted Castle guided meditation has been created to take you on a magical journey. What mystical adventure is waiting for you on the other side of the castle drawbridge?

Background music composed and performed by Neil H.

Total running time: 43:14

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Testimonials for Enchanted Castle

"It's Magic"

Rose Nash-Smith, Teaching Medium


I challenge anyone not to be swept away into a magical world with this wonderful cd. The journey to the castle and the time spent within is very gentle. No charging knights in armour here - just quiet reflection, searching, finding and learning. It IS relaxing but with it's wonderful short prayers (for protection etc) at start and finish, and the way it leaves one alone to 'find things out etc.' now and then without any talking, makes it a truly delightful and valuable tool for anyone looking towards their more spiritual and magical side. The meditation is followed by quite a lengthy segment of music. The music throughout is absolutely superb. Can't rate it highly enough.