Faerie Light Guided Meditation

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Faerie Light Guided Meditation

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The Faerie Light guided meditation has been created to guide you on a mystical journey, taking you to the magical realms inhabited by the faerie folk.
The meditation will first help you to relax, then by using a golden healing energy it will help you break through the constraining shell that has been blocking your own magical energy.
By using visualisation you will find that you are changing form and that you are able to fly. You will be guided to an old oak tree where you will discover a little oak door.
On the other side of the door you will find a magical world waiting to be discovered.

With background music composed and performed by Neil H.

Total running time: 49:37

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Testimonials for Faerie Light

Fairy Lights is a must. Not only does this connect you to the fairy realms but most importantly it is a chance for you to heal mother earth, as well as receive blessings for yourself. I have never come across a meditation like Fairy Lights that genuinely gives the healing and love back to mother earth - well done Robbie - well done!
Tracey Hougham

This is a truly wonderful cd. I love being able to join the fairies and go on a magical journey. It's quite an 'epic' adventure too! .. fairies waking up in chakra flowers, one's metamorphosis into something very beautiful that can fly, a magical journey into the depths of the fairy kingdom (down into a tree through a magic door) where one helps not only oneself but also the fairy kingdom AND the planet! The 'heartbeat' sound in the section about the planet is profound and beautifully done. It has a strong deep strength to it. And the fairy dust given to one by the Fairy Queen. You have to buy this lovely cd to experience not only the sheer escapism of this magical adventure but also the deep healing beauty and value of it's words, story, (superb) music and sound effects. Robbie's voice - as always - directs with depth, love and sincerity.