Great Halls of Learning

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Great Halls of Learning Guided Meditation

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Spiritual masters have told of a place in the spirit world known as the Great Halls of Learning. Allegedly all knowledge is stored there, dating back to the dawn of time.
The halls are open to all souls in the spirit world who are seeking to gain knowledge and a deeper understanding of spiritual teachings.
Through the use of visualization and a connection with your Higher self, this guided meditation will endeavour to take you on a journey crossing the great divide between the physical and the spiritual worlds.
You will be taken to the Great Halls of Learning where, in the presence of enlightened souls, you will be allowed to ask your chosen question.

Background music by Neil H

Total running time: 37:12

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Testimonial for The Great Halls of Learning

Robbie, I just wanted to let you know how helpful and wonderful I found the Great Halls of Learning meditation to be. As a hypnotherapist looking for a domain name for my website, I was having complete "writer's block" on coming up with something original, that suit my profession. Then it hit me - why not put the Great Halls of Learning meditation to the test! It didn't take much, I was drawn in IMMEDIATELY by your beautiful words and how easy it was for me to visualize what you were saying. The answer came to me within minutes after I felt it would - had it not been for that meditation I would still be searching. For anyone who has a burning question or something on their mind they need an answer for - this is IT!!!! Thank you again, you continue to fascinate!!
All the very best,
Anne Marie