Higherself Attunement Meditation

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Higherself Attunement Meditation

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The Higherself Attunement CD has stories and guided meditation that have been created to help us to access long forgotten memories of the time when we were still in the spirit world.
I believe that before we were born, we were invited to participate in the planning of our new lives.
From the security of the spirit world we were able to see a much wider picture and taking on such conditions as tragedy, disease & pain may have seemed like the perfect way to work out past karmic debts and to achieve maximum soul growth.
Are there parts of your personality, character or intellect which you would like to enhance? During the higher self meditation we will try to raise your vibration and tune into your higher self where you can request that the facets responsible for particular abilities are made more available.

Please do not sell yourself short here, as positive thinking is a key to your success.

With music composed & performed by Neil H.

Total running time: 1:06:46

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Testimonial for Higherself Attunement

Lots to contemplate in this cd whether you are strongly into spiritualism or not. Either way, you can't fail to benefit from it's message and advice. Asking for 'help' with a specific area with which one is struggling within the meditation is - to me - the crux of the cd - and Robbie presents the whole thing effortlessly. The usual prayers for protection at the start and finish make one feel secure and the gentle music and caring 'tone of voice' makes it flow beautifully and easily.