Psychic Development Meditation

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Psychic Development Meditation

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This Psychic Development meditation has been created to help enhance your psychic abilities. I'm going to concentrate on improving your communication with the spirit guides.
My guides asked me to write and record this meditation to help them communicate with you. It will give them the opportunity to find out just how much information you can receive. Track 1 is an introduction into my beliefs in the workings of the spiritual worlds, spirit guides and psychic communication.
I've prepared a special meditation on track 2, which you can use as often as you like. This simple, but powerful meditation has been created to give your spirit guides the opportunity to draw close and make contact.
You should not expect a dramatic improvement overnight, but over the course of time, this CD should help towards your psychic development.

Music composed and performed by Neil H.

Total running time: 45:27

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Testimonials for Psychic Development

Hi, I have been listening to your psychic development meditation cd for just a few days now and would like to say that its the best psychic development cd I have ever listened to. You have such a wonderful voice and I am able to loose myself in the meditation.
love and light

I advise anyone who wants to enhance their Psychic Development to try Robbies cd. You will feel totally safe and protected during this meditation. I was a little 'nervous' to say the least but after a couple of times doing the meditation I now thoroughly enjoy every new experience. I recommend that you listen to the introduction first. It is easy to understand and guides you into the meditation. Robbie seems to answer any questions that are going through your mind before you begin, putting you totally at ease.
Thankyou Robbie!
Michelle Train