Shamanic Journey Guided Meditation

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Shamanic Journey Guided Meditation

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The Shamanic Journey guided meditation was created following one of my workshops in which I channeled a meditation. After the meditation had finished I was told by the group members that I had taken them on a shamanic journey.
They asked if I could recreate this journey on CD, with the benefit of background music and drums, and here is the result.
The start of this journey will take you to your spirit guide. This guide will take you to the edge of a forest. Here you will summon your animal guide, calling it out of the darkness of night to follow you into the light.
It is here that a bond will be forged, linking you together, giving each to the other strength and companionship as you travel along your life's journey.

Music composed and performed by Neil H.

Total running time: 45:27

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Testimonial for Shamanic Journey

This meditation provided me with a most amazing experience and each time I listen to it I learn more and more from my animal guides and ancestors. I find it extremely easy to relax into a deep meditative state within minutes of starting the cd. I really feel as if I am in a cave sat by a fire with the ancestors all around me, offering wise advice. The animal guides draw in close and offer their medicine and wisdom whenever I connect to them through this cd. Because my experiences are so profound and powerful when using this cd, I reserve it not as a daily listen to before bed cd, but for when I need real answers to big situations in my life. Robbie has provided me with an incredibly powerful tool with which to communicate with my guides and ancestors. Thank you!