Starship Guided Meditation

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Starship Guided Meditation

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I'm sure that at some point in our lives we have all seen the television series Star Trek. Frequently Captain Kirk and a small team would beam down to an alien planet. During this time, the crew from the bridge of the star ship would monitor their movements and keep a close check on their well-being.

Whilst working with groups, I sometimes use visualisation to show that, like Captain Kirk, we are never alone. At all times our movements and well-being are monitored by a group of highly skilled and motivated individuals.

We know them as our spirit guides.

The Starship Guided Meditation is accompanied by music composed and performed by Neil H.

Total running time: 53:50

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Testimonials for Starship

Thankyou Robbie, I felt lost and alone and couldn't figure out what was wrong with me. Your guided meditations have helped me heal in wonderful ways that I did not think possible and my most recent purchase Starship from Kyro in Leeds was so beautiful I shed many healing tears. I was left with an inner knowing that I am doing just fine so thankyou for giving me the gift of peace. Sending love, light and blessings to you.
Elizabeth Carrie

This cd was sent as a gift with another order and it is one that I would never have chosen for myself. It took a couple of weeks before I was drawn to use it, but it was at exactly the correct time when I did listen to it. I had felt completely out of alignment and unable to connect during the preceeding week as I usually did, but as the meditation progressed I felt myself relaxing, balancing and very much enjoying the experience, but I have to say the kick that I needed came right at the end with the two blue crystals! Wow, what a mighty armament in the weaponry, my hands felt as if they were burning and afterwards I actually got a good night's sleep, alignment returned and I could work properly again. For me it was a sort of emergency treatment that was very much needed, very effective, and all I can say to Spirit and Robbie is "thank you" again!
Jennie Gill

This is a fantastic meditation cd...
I love the metaphor of Robbie has used to between the star trek prime directive and the work of our spirit guides!
For many of us being brought up in similar situations to which Robbie describes within the preface recording, of being born feeling different, have some sort of sense of you came from somewhere else, that these family members no matter how hard you try to get on with them, have different values and opinions to yourself! The only way I learnt to accept it, was by accepting that I was placed with these people, to assist me in developing my spiritual self and learning to accept differences on all levels, even the dysfunctional ones and hopefully for them to accept difference as well.
As a child I got into trouble with my father by being caught out, after telling people the people I live with are not my family, only my sister was related to me! I went and lived in Germany for 6 yrs, and when I returned, my sister said to me one afternoon, do you remember when you were little, you used to say, I don’t come from here, I come from Germany and live near the Rhine and not far from the Neckar? How strange that you ended up living there, by the Rhine and only 15 minutes by car to the Neckar. I had not remembered this at all, until she mentioned it, and it came flooding back, it was as if I had known where my life path would take me.
I had a serious accident when I was 5 yrs old, and I remember waking up in the hospital, I felt myself float down into my body, and looking around the room, and then eventually I started to hear the people in the ward. From that day I knew I was different, my parents also. My father and mother collected me from the hospital two years later, and when we got home he carried me into the house and dropped me into a chair in the living room and said, when my Mum was out of listening distance, you are not my son, and you’re just something they gave me to take home! My mother also, was scared of me; she told me I had a bad spirit trapped inside me, and made me go in the bathroom, and stare at the mirror and tell it to leave my body.
So if like me, you have ever felt different? Ever been sensitive to spirit around you? Felt disjointed from your family or the place where you live? Then maybe this meditation is one to help you relate to the millions of others like us, who are out there trying to figure out their differences!
One to beam up Captain!
Reikibaer :o)
David Masters