Sunflower Guided Meditation CD

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Sunflower Guided Meditation CD

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"Ideal for Beginners" Miriel Damerell-O'Connor, Reiki Teacher

The Sunflower healing meditation has been created to help you relax and escape the pressures of everyday living.
You will first be linked with your higher self, and from there you will be taken by a soft, white fluffy cloud to a quiet meadow.
You will gently rest in the centre of a beautiful sunflower, and bask in the golden healing energies which will help to bring peace to your mind, body & spirit.

Music composed and performed by Neil H.

Total running time: 44:04

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Testimonials for Sunflower

I have just listened to this CD for the third time and it's true - it does get more powerful every time I listen to it. Suddenly (and without any conscious effort on my part) my jaw suddenly relaxed - which may not sound much to some people but for me is frankly miraculous as it is usually rigid with tension. I felt - and can continue to feel - a gentle healing energy dissolving away my stress and the tension it causes. The music, the voice and imagery are just perfect for me and this CD is bound to become a firm favourite for me. I've just ordered a bunch more from your site.
Maria McCudden